Bank Vault Fyrfyfyr - Chwefror/February - 3 duets and a Trio

Monday, February 5, 2024 - 19:30
Bank Vault Aberystwyth
1 New Street, Aberystwyth, SY23 2AT
Free entry
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Three artists perfroming in various configurations to give an evening of spontaneous creation. They are:
An internationally recognised improvising guitarist and artist from North Wales, belonging to the current generation of eager and explorative experimental Welsh musicians who have carefully operated under the radar of the contemporary music scene for more years than they care to remember, steadfastly unafraid to swim against the tide and self-produce and self-release uncompromising music outside of the mainstream.
Ash's music fuses his work as a visual artist with a skillfully crafted approach to improvised guitar playing that he terms 'Gwrth-gitâr' (anti-guitar).
A long time ago, when the world was still black and white, Gareth would spend summer puddling rock pools on Llanon beach, flipping stones to see what lurked beneath. Now he lives in Aberystwyth and writes poetry, published in numerous journals and performed from the north of Scotland to the south of England.
Poems often referencing the local environment or landscape but pulling humanity out of the everyday.
Primarily known as a tenor saxophonist he also plays a wide variety of wind instruments from throughout Europe and the Middle East. These include other saxophones, Gaita Gallega, EWI, various clarinets, tarogato, douduk, fujara, mey, zurnah, and various fipple flutes.
Primarily an improvising musician he works in several genres encompassing jazz, world music, contemporary classical, dance music and free experimental work. As a composer he has written extensively for his own performance projects and films.